Basement extensions

Once only an option for the super rich, with their endless subterranean properties, basement extensions are increasingly becoming a feature in modern day homes.

Basements are a good option for clients who want to remain in their home but need extra space. This extra space has a number of potential uses:

Guest bedrooms



Laundry room

Bathroom/ wet room

Entertaining area leading onto a sunken garden

How does it work?

Falling under permitted development, gaining permission from your council can be relatively straightforward. You can expect to extend as far down as two floors below ground level and as far as the boundary of the land you own.

In most cases, basement extensions are dug by hand which is a lengthy (and costly) process. At Greendawn Build, our digger and conveyor system improves productivity and completion times. We set up a temporary wooden frame that guides the earth on the conveyor up and over the pavement, directly into the skip – a faster and more efficient way of clearing the earth.

As the ground is taken away, foundations are poured throughout ensuring that the dig is structurally sound at all stages. A pump will be installed to drain groundwater and the whole basement is tanked in order to make it completely waterproof. At this stage, the basement is ready to plaster and decorate as any other room in the house.

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